This very convivial, and welcoming commune is set alongside the river Briance, in the foothills of Mont Gargan.

Commune de Saint Vitte Sur Briance

Near to the heart of this floral village is a bread-oven which is regularly fired by volunteers: it’s then that you’ll be able to enjoy the familiar smells of yesteryear. A number of activities are offered by local clubs; such as rambling, horse-riding, mountain-biking, and fishing.

The commune is home to a neo-gothic church, with an octagonal stone bell tower, dating from 1873. Its stained-glass windows are also from the XIXth century.

Kept in the mairie (the Mayor’s office) is a bell which was originally housed in the chapel in the Château de Curzac. Hidden away during the Revolution, it was later found in the loft of the presbytery in St Vitte. It bears an inscription, which may be translated as: Jesus Maria Philippe de Meillars-1653-Julie de Salagnac: and thereby hangs a tale! Julie de Solignac, to mark the death of her husband Philippe de Meillars, intended it for the castle chapel.

Not far off is the XVth century castle of Curzac. Visits are only possible on journées Patrimoine  (heritage days); to admire it from the adjacent road, it’s worth making a detour.