Pierre-Buffière - Petra-Buffiera - the ‘stone where the wind blows’, has gallic origins. Well placed on its rocky spur, dominating three rivers - the Briance, the Breuilh and the Blanzou; its doors are opened to you. You are invited to wander along calm and attractive streets, where you can make your own discoveries, in this marvellous town of real character.

Commune de Pierre-Buffière

Pierre-Buffière is set in countryside which is both protected, and made the most of: typical of the Limousin, it is characterised by alternating high points (up to 400m) and deep valleys.   

Set off around the side streets, and there you’ll find: the church of St Croix, with a doorway - unique in France – displaying fifteen polychrome porcelain medallions, in that familiar dark blue Limoges glaze; and something of its celebrated men, like Guillaume Dupuytren, born in Pierre-Buffière on 5th October 1777; and the hôtel des 3 Anges , an old coaching-inn.

Take to the ramblers’ tracks: set off in search of ‘Zabeth’ as you make your own exploration of  the Terra Aventura.You are sure to be surprised by the gallo-roman remains of the Villa d’Antoine: little by little, they are emerging as the excavations undertaken by the volunteer members of the Association Dupuytren Mémoire Vivante make progress. Covering a large area, this site goes back nearly two-thousand years, and it is letting us learn more about how our fore-bears lived. They knew how to manage water, build remarkable architectural structures, and develop a form of agriculture that was not only diversified, but was tof high quality.

A stop-over (village étape) on the A20 autoroute, Pierre-Buffière has much to offer; whether for a pause for lunch, an overnight break en-route to your holiday destination, or a longer stay in the Limousin. Everything has been made ready for you to enjoy a pleasant interlude in an environment that is both lush and peaceful; and which benefits from a rich inheritance.