It’s just three kilometres from the A20 (exit 42) to Meuzac, but here you’ll find everything for an agreeable stay in the verdant setting of the Limousin countryside. A site for camping cars - and campers; a ‘village’ of gîtes around the Lac de la Roche - where you can take it easy, fish or bathe; and there’s water-skiing on the Lac de Forgeneuve where the best of French skiers train.

Commune de Meuzac

Exhibitions, treasure-hunts, and nature-watching are all in the programme for the family at the media-centre ‘Père Castor’, with its own adventure ground, and a labyrinthe vegetal that is amazing!


For those who love rambling, or mountain-biking, there are more than a hundred kilometres of  clearly-marked tracks to make use of. These can take you to Puy Jaillant (the highest point in the Commmune, at 495m, with its panoramic views of Mont Gargan, and of the Monédières); or close to the Celle Grandmontaine (over-looking - in the immediate vicinity, remains of  the walls of  a 12th century priory from the time of Etienne of Muret (founder of the Order of Grandmont).


There’s a nature –trail across the Lande de Cluzeau (heathland, over serpentine rock, covering 120 hectares) which is exceptionally rich in wildlife and minerals. It is looked after by the Concervatoire des Espaces Naturels of the Limousin. At the real heart of nature, yet fashioned by those ‘beautiful russet-coloured cows’ in luscious green pastures.    


Taking the highways and byways, you might be surprised by the sight of a wild hare, a fox, or a roe deer. In the autumn – with care – why not pick a few cèpes or girolles!


The church in Meuzac is dedicated to St Pierre-ès-Liens. As well as its two square bell-towers – a little forbidding appearance, there’s a polychrome wooden statue of St Roch, and a newly-restored painting of him.


Any number of associations help towards a rich local life. For example, there are : the local ‘fête’ on 15th August, car-boot sales, and sporting and cultural events: it’s the art of living well together!   


With its numerous shops, and other services, you have in Meuzac all that you need for a pleasant interlude in the Limousin countryside; be it for a short visit or a longer stay.

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