Glanges is twenty-five kilometres to the south of Limoges, and just five kilometres from the main (A20) route between Limoges and Brive-la-Gaillarde. 

Glanges - La maison mirabeau

Set at an average altitude of 445 metres, Glanges is an attractive little commune, with just over five-hundred inhabitants living in thirty-two hamlets spread over 2300 hectares.

Crossed by two rivers – the Deux Briances, as well as by the numerous streams which run into them, there are many shaded tracks which are ideal for ramblers, mountain-bikers and horse-riders.


From various vantage points, there are distant views of Mont Gargan, the Monédières, the Puy de Bar, and the Monts de Châlus. On a clear day, it’s possible to pick out the Monts d’Ambazac and, beyond them, the hills of the Auvergne.


The cultural heritage of Glanges is also worth a look. There’s our church, dating from the XIth and XIIth centuries, with rather more than a dozen sculpted medieval tombstones set into the floor of the nave. See too the sculpted corbels set high up, close to the roof. Formerly held in the abbey at Grandmont, are venerable relics of St Etienne of Muret - the hermit who founded the Order of Grandmont, and of two companions of St Ursula.    


Just across the road from the church, is the house named  ‘Montentin’, but often called ‘Mirabeau’, which was probably built in the XVI century. It has, relatively recently, been expertly renovated by the municipality. The house possibly provided accommodation for some of the managers responsible for the exploitation of the lead-mines at Ciboeuf and Javaudoux: the Marquis of Mirabeau held the mining concession.    


The ground-floor is now used by the ‘garderie scolaire’ (the before-, and after-school club), the community post-office, and a library which is part of the inter-communal, multi-media network based at ‘Père Castor’ in Meuzac.


Nearby, is a substantial rock, cut from serpentine, which has found its way here from a gallo-roman site: it now supports a cross.


In the villages around the commune there are a number of attractive, renovated wells: numerous, non-identical, crosses, mark a good many cross-roads.


Throughout the year, local associations put on a variety of entertainments.


Whether it’s in a gîte, an auberge, you are sure to find a warm welcome in Glanges.   

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