Discover Château-Chervix

Situated thirty-five kilometres to the south of Limoges, and seven kilometres from the A20 autoroute, Château Chervix is a commune of over 5000 hectares, with a population of 807.  

Commuen de Château-Chervix

Here are woods and fields, in a landscape of gentle hills opening up to a succession of meadows, fields, and lakes. There are woods - of chestnut, oak, beech, and silver-birch - and conifers woods – covering 700 hectares at Fayat. A little chapel is to be found on the Puy de Bar (534 metres). 

Lovers of history, and of old stones, will find much to satisfy their curiosity. Pre-history, the Gauls, the Gallo-Romans, and the middle-ages, have left numerous remains around the countryside. Visible from afar, in the heart of the village by the Place Haute, is La Tour (the Keep,32m). Built at the beginning of the XI century, and in a good state of preservation, it is the only remaining part of that castle from yesteryear.   


Marked pathways are but one way to discover the different parts of the commune. Here are woods, former gold-mines at la Fagassière, tile-works, and heathland: that of la Flotte (a protected site) is rich in fauna, flora and rocks of serpentine in strange shapes - such as the Roches du Loup . Not forgetting our inheritance, in terms of intact buildings found in today’s rural habitat.    

The lush countryside might seem to be ‘be-decked by the russet-coloured robes’ of our beautiful Limousin cattle! This - essentially agricultural commune, raises the rearing of the Limousin breed of cattle to a high level. Furthermore, we have around twenty artisans and shop-keepers: local producers (such as market-gardeners, poulterers, a baker, a fruit-grower and jam-maker) all make their contributions to the gastronomy of this southern part of the département.     

A good fifteen rural gîtes and ‘bed ‘n’ breakfasts’, restaurants, a pub, a lake for fishing and bathing, a tennis court, a pony club, and ramblers’ tracks, are here to welcome you: whether for an exploratory stay, or a holiday; for peace and quiet; or something sporting, cultural; or to eat well.

It’s our pleasure to offer you a warm welcome to Château Chervix!

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