Commuen de Château-Chervix


Situated thirty-five kilometres to the south of Limoges, and seven kilometres from the A20 autoroute, Château Chervix is a commune of over 5000 hectares, with a population of 807.  

Commune de Magnac-Bourg


A traditional resting place on one of the roads to Compostella (the Vézélay route), and nestling in the Limousin countryside, is the village of Magnac-Bourg. Designated as a ‘stopover village’...

Commune de Saint Genest Sur Roselle


Saint-Genest-sur-Roselle, some 405 metres above sea-level, covers 1992 hectares. The life of our martyred patron saint, St Genest, is celebrated on 25th August: his remains, however, are preserved in the...

Commune de Saint Vitte Sur Briance


This very convivial, and welcoming commune is set alongside the river Briance, in the foothills of Mont Gargan.

Glanges - La maison mirabeau


Glanges is twenty-five kilometres to the south of Limoges, and just five kilometres from the main (A20) route between Limoges and Brive-la-Gaillarde. 

Commune de Meuzac


It’s just three kilometres from the A20 (exit 42) to Meuzac, but here you’ll find everything for an agreeable stay in the verdant setting of the Limousin countryside. A site...

Vue de St Germain les Belles


A village with character – deep in the Limousin countryside, St Germain-Les-Belles is at the centre of a welcoming commune with a history: of the visit by Henri IV, the...

Commune de Vicq Sur Breuilh


Nestling between the rivers Breuilh and Briance, the commune is spread over more than five-thousand hectares.

Commune de La Porcherie

La Porcherie

Pleasantly situated - between 430m and 530m, and within the confines of the Haute-Vienne and the Corrèze - on the plateau of the Haut Limousin, sits La Porcherie. For ‘active...

Commune de Pierre-Buffière


Pierre-Buffière - Petra-Buffiera - the ‘stone where the wind blows’, has gallic origins. Well placed on its rocky spur, dominating three rivers - the Briance, the Breuilh and the Blanzou;...

commune de Saint Hilaire Bonneval


Arthur Young, an English farmer and agronomist who travelled around France at the end of the XVIIIth century, sang the praises of our countryside: ‘the main roads are incomparably beautiful...