Built heritage

Ich in archaeological remains from all periods, from prehistory to contemporary times, the territory of the Briance Sud Haute-Vienne Community of Communes invites you to discover a rich built heritage.

Patrimoine Magnac-Bourg

Church in Meuzac

Religious buildings | MEUZAC | 05 55 00 89 91

Church dedicated to Saint-Pierre-ès-Liens: its two bell towers make it look beautiful, it shelters a statue of Saint-Roch made in multicolour wood as well as a freshly restored painting r...

"Chapelle des Chauveix" (chapel) in Vicq sur Breuilh

Religious buildings | VICQ SUR BREUILH | 05 55 00 67 73

La Chapelle des Chauveix: very old Marian chapel. The local artist Roch Popelier decorated it with frescos telling the life of Saint Fraçois d’Assise implanted in the heart of the local w...

The rib of the Pharmacy

Urban architecture | MAGNAC BOURG | 05-55-00-89-91

Comes from the old granary of the Rohan family (13th century). Situated at the corner of the square, it was transferred and attached to this house in about 1900. The houses behind the pha...

Puits à Balancier à Vicq-sur-Breuilh

Small and unusual heritage | VICQ SUR BREUILH | 05-55-00-89-91

Visible as you go towards Nouailhac. A curiosity, and quite rare. There are still three of them in the region.

Bread oven in Saint Hilaire Bonneval

Small and unusual heritage | SAINT HILAIRE BONNEVAL

Municipal bread oven.

Curzac castle in Saint-Vitte-Sur-Briance

Castles | SAINT VITTE SUR BRIANCE | 05 55 00 89 91

Curzac castle: It dates from the 15th century; it is possible to visit it during the patrimony days. You can see it very well from the road. Access: D16 road to Saint-Germain-Les-Belles.

Firemen’s tower

Monuments | MAGNAC BOURG | 05-55-00-89-91

The tower was built by the voluntary firemen of Magnac-Bourg and inaugurated in 1949. This tower decorated with the dove of peace was used for drying the fire hoses. It also held the fire...

Church in Saint-Vitte-Sur-Briance

Religious buildings | SAINT VITTE SUR BRIANCE | 05 55 00 89 91

The church was built in 1873 and has a neo-gothic style. Its stone bell tower is octagonal. Its stained-glass windows are as old as the rest of the edifice.

Hôtel des 3 Anges (hostel) in Pierre-Buffière

Monuments | PIERRE BUFFIERE | 05 55 00 89 91

Hôtel des trois anges: old coaching inn (now a hostel) where the pope Pie 7 stayed in 1814.

St Jacques le Majeur church

Religious buildings | MAGNAC BOURG | 05-55-00-89-91

This church of pure radiant Gothic style (15th) is the only one in the Haute Vienne to be dedicated to Saint James the Greater. Built on the ruins of the castle chapel in the 15th century...