La Porcherie’s trail of discovery: ‘In the footsteps of Arsène d’Arsonval’

3 sites to discover: the Bourg de La Porcherie, the Castrale motte and the Landes des Pierres du Mas.

La Porcherie’s trail of discovery: ‘In the footsteps of Arsène d’Arsonval’   


The municipal council of the commune of La Porcherie, in wishing to make much more of the richness, variety and originality of its heritage – in terms of its history, and its natural setting – is intent on bringing that inheritance to the attention of a wider general public. Waiting to be re-discovered are three strikingly emblematic sites (even - sights), and they are there to be appreciated, by way of: a kilometre-long guided stroll (about an hour) through le Bourg (the town); a trail – with explanations – over the heathland of la lande serpentincoles and les Pierres du Mas (situated 4kms from le Bourg) leading on to a one kilometre walk – taking about 90 minutes; and a view of the motte, known as the Châteauvieux, which lies about a kilometre south of le Bourg.
For the thread which guides us, we have to thank that most illustrious of La Porcherie’s children - Arsène d’Arsonval; to whom we make this well-deserved, yet modest, homage
- On the one hand; he worked hard to improve the Bourg’s facilities; especially so between 1892 and 1900, when he was the commune’s maire
- And on the other; he took a great interest in the particularities of the relief, climate and vegetation of his ‘little homeland’

Under the watchful eye of Arsène d’Arsonval, visitors will be able to follow the marked routes.
In that way, the guided walk can conjure up images of La Porcherie, in Arsène d’Arsonval’s time; from the picture of the savant in front of his famous Panhard et Levassor (a make of motor car), to having ‘Arsène’ inviting us to play a game which is intended to ‘broaden our understanding’.

• References to the Professor are found along the trail which takes us across the heath, by way of the Pierres du Mas; with imagined books - at each way-marker, supposedly written by Arsène d’Arsonval’. They contain additional information about serpentinite: its origins, its geo-morphological characteristics, and its uses.
• Arsène is everywhere; and that’s only too obvious; on the panels which welcome you, the way-markers carrying information, and the signposts.
• As a family, don’t fail to take advantage of the wonderful walks you can have along the discovery trails. Presentational flyers will soon be available, in local offices de tourisme and mairies; a ‘livret-jeu’ (what’s that?) will also be available at the Tourist Office, and the Mairie, in La Porcherie: that way, you’ll have an enduring souvenir of your visit.

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