Museum and gardens Cécile Sabourdy in Vicq Sur Breuilh

Reopening of the museum on Tuesday 02 June at 2 pm: "The House-Workshop: Jacques Lortet, Marie-Rose and their friends". The Cécile Sabourdy Museum and Gardens strive to introduce their visitors gently into the world of singular creators, by offering a broad perspective on naive art, brut art, modern art and on all unclassifiable practices.







Reopening of the museum Tuesday June 02 at 2 pm: "The House-Workshop: Jacques Lortet, Marie-Rose and their friends"


An 'appetizer' of the exhibition "La Maison-Atelier, Jacques Lortet, Marie-Rose and their friends" is offered, because only the ground floor of the museum is for the moment ready to be discovered.

This partial opening is accompanied by a specific price offer. You will have 2 possibilities:

either free entry: you give what you want

either entry as usual at 5.5 € and you will then be issued a ticket valid for the entire time of the exhibition so that you can come back and discover it in its entirety from the beginning of July.


Of course, we are able to welcome you in the sanitary conditions required. We, the team like you, dear visiting friends, will have to comply with the constraints of visiting and circulating in the museum's spaces, to take care of everyone. So nice mask for everyone!


EXPO 2 JUIN 2020



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