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The Cécile Sabourdy Museum and Gardens strive to gently introduce their visitors into the universe of unique creators, offering a broad perspective on naïve art, art brut, modern art and all unclassifiable practices.

Vicq sur Breuilh - musée jardin


New exhibition : "SPIRIT"

the spirit of things


2,000 years of sacred objects from here and elsewhere

December 14, 2018 to April 22, 2019


Oscillating between folk art, improbable retraining and touching naivete, the objects in the Trésors de Ferveur collection appear to be of a radical strangeness.

But if their function can escape us, their relationship to the "sacred" is obvious.
In summoning the invisible and the unspeakable, they respond to universal aspirations: to hope, to heal, to save.

'SPIRIT' offers an amazing contemplative experience. Detached from their original context, the modest but sparkling works, familiar and incomprehensible, always reveal an elsewhere or a formerly made of mystery, of faith, halfway between magic and wonder.

Alongside the works of sacred Christian art, the exhibition 'SPIRIT' brings together rare, exceptional and unusual pieces, also invested with a ritual dimension - even mystical or magical:

> an unpublished ethnographic collection of Central America, the healing statuettes of Panama

> a Gallo-Roman collection preserved in the Senlis Museum, the ex-votos of the Halatte temple> remarkable works from the churches of our territory: an 18C Saint Roch, a 16C Pieta. and the enigmatic figure of a young saint.

> and the work of contemporary artists Aurélien Lortet and IR Denise.



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